"Terra Cotta Clepsydra" Handcrafted Geometric Beaded Earrings

"Terra Cotta Clepsydra" Handcrafted Geometric Beaded Earrings

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A Clepsydra, also known as a water clock, is for measuring time by the gradual flow of water. Greek inventor and mathematician Ctesibius invented the first artificial automatic self-regulatory system by designing an improved water clock that required no outside intervention.

Part of a new collection called, "Don't Get Bent Out of Shape" which will explore 3D shapes, these earrings feature variations of the "Tuxedo for the Lady" post earrings as their foundation, and are a nod to his ingenuity.

Each pair is handcrafted with high quality earth tone glass Japanese delica beads, renowned for being extremely lightweight and uniform in shape and features both Swarovski pearls as well as naturally occurring Biwa matchstick pearls. 

Still timeless, and lightweight, they measure approximately 2.5" in length on sterling silver posts. Hypoallergenic.