Shop What's New by beYOUteous - October 2021

In this October 2021 edition of “What’s New,”, which happens to fall of Chinese National Day, you’ll find the latest additions to the storefront as well as new developments. You now have the option to buy now and pay over time as a result of a partnership with Affirm. beYOUteous has committed to the Women Empowerment Principles which were launched in 2010 with the aim of encouraging businesses to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment. Lastly, the company is now an LLC, has a D&B number, and certified as a black, women-owned small business.

Original Geometric Beaded Earrings

Each pair is handcrafted with high quality glass Japanese delica beads, renowned for being extremely lightweight and uniform in shape. They measure approximately 1.75" in length and suspend from 14k gold-filled wires. Hypoallergenic.

    Big and Delicious Collection

    The "Big and Delicious" collection offers to original geometric beaded earrings... but larger. Measuring approximately 2.5" in length, they suspend from 14k gold-filled wires. Hypoallergenic.

    Small and Delectable Collection

    Like the classic geometric beaded earrings, the "Small and Delectable" collection handcrafted beaded earrings are timeless, lightweight, and a wardrobe staple. They measure approximately .75" in length and suspend from 14k gold-filled wires. Hypoallergenic.

    Such a Stud Collection

    Introducing the "Such a Stud" collection, which features a set of handcrafted beaded earrings on sterling silver posts. As always, they're beadwoven with high quality glass Japanese delica beads. Hypoallergenic.

    The "Blue Velvet" Handcrafted Beaded Necklace has been added to the storefront. It’s inspired by the songs Blue Velvet, my favorite version being the one with Tony Bennett featuring Lady Gaga, and Ne Me Quitte Pas by Jacques Brel. The idea was to create a piece that evoked an evening sky, dotted with a lone star, featuring an encased Swarovski ravioli (representing the moon). The Biwa matchstick pearls are to represent the moon’s reflection upon a lake.

    Also new and available is the "Sunny Flowers of Gold" Handcrafted Beaded Ring as a size 8. Its name is derived from a poem I’d written years ago. You’ll also find new stackable rings. At $29 each, they’re fun and one of the more popular items.

    Several pieces have been added to the sales rack, so stop by and feel free to pick one (or more up).

    That’s it as far as jewelry. Below you’ll find the most recently published blog posts. For regular updates, please subscribe to the RSS feed.

    beYOUteous is an eCommerce store offering a line of handcrafted beaded jewelry which aims to spread the message for embracing individuality, feminine strength, and empowerment.