Queen Meryt Neith: Egypt’s First Female Pharaoh?

Meryt Neith whose name means "beloved of the goddess Neith," was the wife (and sister) of King Djet, the third king of the first dynasty of ancient Egyptian rulers, and the mother of King Den.

She lived about 5,000 years ago and ruled Egypt around 2950 B.C. Queen Meryt Neith is believed to have become ruler upon the death of Djet.

Two separate tombs, which was not a common practice, are dedicated to her... one in Abydos and the other in Saqqara.

Her name was written on a Naqada seal inside a serekh, in the same manner kings' names were written. Hers was the only name of a woman included on the list.

All others are the Horus names of the kings. However, Meryt Neith's name is accompanied by the title "King's Mother". Two stelae made of stone bearing her name have been found.

She’s the earliest recorded female pharaoh of ancient Egypt and predecessor of the later Queen Hatshepsut.


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