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Chihenne Chiricahua Apache, Lozen: A Shield to her People

Lozen was a skilled warrior, shaman of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache born around 1840. She excelled in horseback riding, shooting, roping, and horse thievery. She along with Dahteste, Geronimo, and the rest of the Apache natives surrendered to American troops and were train bound to Fort Pickens in Florida. She's said to be buried in Alabama in an unmarked grave.

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Queen Amanishakheto & Kandake Amani: The Same One Eyed Queen?

Amanishakheto and Kandake Amani (Amanirenas), are said to have fought back the Romans at the kingdom’s northern border who had advanced from Egypt. One of the main pieces of evidence for the Meroitic raids against the Romans is a bronze head of Augustus Caesar found buried beneath the steps of a temple dedicated to victory at Meroë. Both are said to have been blind in one eye. Could they have been the same queen?

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Empress Taytu Beytul: 1896 Battle of Adwa

Taytu Beytul claimed descent from the Solomonic dynasty, the daughter of Ras Betul Haile Maryam and Yewubdar. The 1889 Treaty of Wichale Treaty was in fact a deliberate attempt by the Italian government to have Ethiopia become an Italian protectorate. The resulting 1896 Battle of Adwa, the climactic battle of the First Italo-Ethiopian War, was the most significant victory of any African army at the height of European colonialism. Empress Taytu Beytul founded Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa.

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