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Autherine Lucy: Separate Educational Facilities are Inherently Unequal

On September 4, 1952, before Brown v. Board of Education case was issued, Autherine Lucy and friend, Mollie Ann Meyers, sent their applications to the University of Alabama. Realizing that Lucy and Myers were African American, the university rescinded, stating that they were no longer welcomed. Civil rights lawyers, Arthur Shores and Thurgood Marshall brought the case to court. The first case to test the Supreme Court’s decree giving Federal District Court judges the authority to implement the Brown decision, which concludes that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.

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Lorraine Hansberry: Playwright, Dramatist, Activist

Lorraine Hansberry was born the youngest of four to Carl Hansberry and Nannie Hansberry in Chicago, IL on May 19, 1930. She became the first African American, the youngest playwright, the fifth woman to win the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for the best play of the season on April 7, 1959 for her a play A Raisin in the Sun, which addressed equal rights in work/housing, and freedom.

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Annie Turnbo: Founder of Poro College & Pioneer Manufacturer of Cosmetics Products

Considered to be one of the first African American women to become a millionaire, Annie Turnbo developed and manufactured her own line of hair straighteners, special oils, and hair-stimulant products for African-American women. At the time of her death in 1957, Poro beauty colleges still operated in over thirty cities across the nation.

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Josephine Baker: The “Black Venus” from Boxcar Town

Born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, MO, Josephine Baker joined the cast of Shuffle Along in 1922, which became the first successful African American musical. She took part in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom with 250,000 other civil rights supporters in 1963. The following year, the U.S, Congress would pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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