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Deborah Read: Wife of American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin

Deborah Read, wife of American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, was born about 1707. In 1730, the couple entered into a common law marriage, agreeing to live together as husband and wife without formal approval by religious or civil authorities. Deborah managed their businesses and sold such items as soap, medicines, chocolate, tea, cloth, feathers and lottery tickets.

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Sarah Livingston Jay: Wife of American Founding Father John Jay

Sarah Livingston Jay married the First United States Chief Justice, John Jay. In 1779, they embarked on a mission to Spain with intent of persuading the country to join the Franco-American alliance. She's considered one of the first socialites in the United States. Her "Dinner and Supper list" for 1787-1788 contained the names of notable men and women who were the midwives of the new nation.

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Dolley Madison: Wife of American Founding Father James Madison

Dolley Madison was wife of the fourth President of the United States, James Madison. She is often credited with saving a portrait of George Washington when 4,000 British troops landed in Maryland during the War of 1812. She presided at the first inaugural ball in Washington when James Madison became president in 1809, the first First Lady to host the Inaugural Ball.

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Martha Jefferson: Wife of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson

Martha Jefferson was wife of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. She was raised by her father, two stepmothers, tutors and became an accomplished musician, singing and playing the pianoforte and spinet. Like her mother and daughter Maria, she eventually succumbed to the difficulties of childbirth. Among the few remaining examples of her handwriting is a precise ledger of the plantation’s main cash crop, tobacco. She did not live to see Thomas Jefferson become President.

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Martha Washington: Wife of American Founding Father George Washington

Martha Washington was the first First Lady of the United States. As first lady, she initiated a weekly reception on Friday evenings hosting members of Congress, visiting dignitaries, and men and women from the local community.  She journeyed to Cambridge, Valley Forge, Philadelphia, and Morristown to support George Washington and the soldiers in their disease-ridden winter encampments.

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