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Pharaoh Sobekneferu: The Beauty of Sobek

Sobekneferu is considered the first recorded female king of Egypt and last pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty. The daughter of Pharaoh Amenemhat III she reigned 3 years, 10 months and 24 days according to the Turin Canon. On her death the 12th Dynasty ended, and the Middle Kingdom Period ceased. To date, no burial place has ever been located.

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Kandake Amanitore: Daughter of Amanishakheto, Granddaughter of Amanirenas

Queen Amanitore is the daughter of Kandake Amanishakheto and granddaughter of Kandake Amanirenas. The quantity of buildings that were completed during the middle part of the first century indicates that she led a prosperous time in Meroitic history. More than two hundred pyramids were built, most plundered in ancient times. Reservoirs for the retention of water were also constructed at Meroë during her reign.

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